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Break the Cycle of Unwanted Habits - Forever!Linda Stark Change Agent"Imagination is the language of the subconscious." - Linda Stark
End Compulsive Behavior
Gaining control over one’s own behavior is a lifelong project. We all can identify habits and behaviors that cause difficulty in our lives. The effort is much easier if your conscious and subconscious minds work together.

Accelerate Lifestyle Changes
Everyone faces challenges in life. Many of the solutions to those challenges are within your reach with the support offered by Linda Stark. The combination of hypnosis and coaching can typically expedite traditional treatment.

      • Accelerate Weight Loss
      • Pain Relief
      • Stress Management
      • Insomnia Treatments
      • Gain Energy
      • Improve Self Esteem
      • Anger Management
      • Better Study Habits
      • Grief Relief
      • Memory Enhancement
      • Increase Happiness
      • Improve Work Skills
      • Save Money, Grow Prosperity




Improve Children’s Behavior

      • Stop Thumb Sucking
      • Stop Bed Wetting
      • Better Concentration

Using coaching and hypnosis, Linda Stark can accelerate your progress and help you see progress quickly and with less effort.

Change and degrees of success vary widely depending on the individual. We can’t promise, nor do we warrantee improvement in behaviors.

"Linda has helped me tremendously with weight loss and getting me to “move my body.” Instead of getting up grumpy each morning, I look forward to each day and my overall outlook has improved 100%. No more chocolate cravings!"
Patty King, Big Bear, CA

In Person
All appointments are one-on-one in a relaxing, safe, confidential and comfortable environment.

By Phone
Once Linda has worked with you in person, then she can work successfully doing sessions with you on the phone. This system has helped countless people when coming to her office would be difficult.


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